Dalton Bentley c. 2010

About Dalton Bentley

In 1965 I got my first guitar and was playing lead guitar in my first rock band a year later in Alabama. Returning to my home Southwest, I played a lot of concert gigs and night clubs with various bands until I left the music business in 1976 (going on to careers in electronics, software design, and operating an Information Technology business until my retirement in 2011). In 2009-2010 I got together with an old rock colleague, Chas Thomas, and with a unique combination of old friends and shared experiences we produced (in a home studio I engineered with my colleague) two albums of original rock music. Those albums, Out of Time and Just One More Time, are available as mp3 downloads and free (well, free if you are a paid subscriber apparently, grin) streams at iTunes, among other venues (just search on "Dalton Bentley music" on any search engine to see links to Youtube, iTunes, etc.).

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